Iceland Review

Iceland Review consists of insightful features on Iceland’s nature, culture, society and various forms of entertainment, as well as photographs by award-winning photographer Páll Stefánsson. Published six times per year. Each issue is 100 pages on average.

Áning 2017 - Accommodation in Iceland

Accommodation/Áning/Übernachtungsorte includes a comprehensive list of hotels, guesthouses and other types of accommodation, including campgrounds around the country. The guide also includes a list of all swimming pools in Iceland and is an important tool for planning your trip to Iceland. Published annually. Each issue is 100 pages on average.

Around Iceland 2016 - Free Travel Guide

Around Iceland is a travel handbook that lists all places to stay as well as museums, tours and things to do. Published annually. Each issue is 220 pages on average.

Rund um Island - 2016

Rund um Island 2016 - Kostenloser Reiseführer

Rund um Island is the German version of Around Iceland. This is the only complete guide to Iceland in German.

Issues and Images

Issues and Images is a free magazine with an emphasis on business and politics. Arts, sports and travel within Iceland are also covered. Published annually in cooperation with Promote Iceland. Each issue is 50 pages on average.

Cruise Iceland

Cruise Iceland

Cruise Iceland is a handbook published in cooperation with Cruise Iceland, the umbrella organization for companies which welcome cruise passengers to the country.