University of Iceland

Four Hundred Applicants for Eighty-Five Spots

284 students took the admissions test for the medical program, which only admits 50 students total, or just under a sixth of the applicants. There were then 64 applicants to the physiotherapy program, which will only admit 35 new students.

Harpa concert hall

Wage Adjustment for Harpa Employees

Per the new wage adjustment, Harpa’s customer service reps’ wages will be set at 26.1% over the union’s set hourly rate, or an average of ISK 2,935 an hour during overtime shifts, which includes nights and weekends.

Icelandic passport

Decline in Applications for Asylum

The Directorate of Immigration (ÚTL) has not published an annual report since 2014 due to what it claims is an “unprecedented increase in applications for international protection,” even as statistics available on its website show that there has been a decline in the number of refugees applying...

Midwives Sign New Contract

While not all of their demands were met in the new contract, the wage difference between midwives and nurses is no longer at issue.