Trapped Again


Trapped Again

By: Jóhann Páll Ástvaldsson

Trapped again – Ólafur Darri on his Hollywood career and return to Trapped

Ólafur Darri is a charming, affable man - it really is no wonder how well he takes to the large screen. He oozes warmth as soon as he enters the coffeehouse, his contagious smile giving life to the room. Even though he is one of Iceland’s most successful actors, Ólafur remains humble in his approach to his roles as well as life. In the midst of shooting the second season of Trapped, Ólafur takes a look back on a career which has spanned countless roles. Having conquered the Icelandic acting scene already, Ólafur Darri is just getting started though.

A surprise global hit

Trapped (Ófærð) is the most successful Icelandic TV show ever, in no small part thanks to Ólafur’s gruff but charming policeman Andri. The success of Trapped was a surprise to many, with over a million Britons tuning in for the finale of the first season, which was aired on BBC. “We hoped that Trapped would be a success, of course, but we could not have dreamed of the reception we got. It was a megahit in both the United Kingdom and France. It has now been two years since the first season aired, and I still receive mail from Brazil, Argentina, Australia and India –they are just as inspired today, as they are discovering the series on Netflix.”

The Icelandic nation took to Trapped as well, with viewers enthusiastically tweeting about the series as it untangled. This was a problem for the producers, since the series aired in Iceland before it was available abroad. Their solution was simple, Ólafur tells me. The producers asked Icelandic Tweeters to not tweet about the show in English in order to not spoil the finale for viewers abroad. “I do not remember it having happened ever before. The tweeters showed viewers abroad a great respect, so they could view an unspoiled finale”.

Unexpected sex symbol

Ólafur’s character from Trapped, Andri became an unexpected sex symbol during the course of the first season of Trapped. When asked if he is aware of the effect he has on admirers of his burly look, Ólafur laughs. “Only at home”, before adding “No, I don’t get that. I feel warmth and affection from strangers, which I really like. I feel like I am representing Iceland while I’m abroad, and I often get a pat on the back from people who respect my work”.

For the second season of Trapped, Andri will return to investigate a case where a man doused in gasoline sets fire to himself and a minister, but asking for more details is a fruitless endeavour When asked for secrets about the next season of Trapped, Ólafur Darri keeps the door firmly shut.

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